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4* REVIEW of 'Too Long The Heart'

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Ian Sexon & Paul Comrie in 'Self Help' by Anita Gallo

February 2013

Ros MacKenzie, "Lothian Life" ****

The rather enigmatic title hides a gem of a play, and some seriously good acting. Set in a republican hideaway in Cork, a hostage is brought in by two young activists who believe he is an English army officer responsible for attacks on the IRA many years ago. There is mounting tension as they begin to realise that their hostage might not be this man. There is even more tension as an escape bid fails, the activists’ leader arrives, and the man’s identity is further in question. The strength of this play lies in the dialogue, the unfolding of motives as to why atrocities were committed, why bitterness continues to fester, and why the human heart continues to believe in causes and grudges and grievances and revenge. All performances are utterly believable

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