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Jim Byars in 'King Arthur' 2009 by Lucy Nordberg

June 2012

Richard Stamp, 'Fringe Guru' *****

Lindsay Millers' tour-de-force script poses constant questions, from its disorientating opening right through to its disturbing finale. It's thought-provoking and entertaining, combining sharp observation with plenty of wit. Fight it all you like, but you'll find yourself drawn in...waiting for that final twist, for another sting in the tail.

And Miller's script responds with a breathtaking conclusion: chilling and credible, brutally unexpected, yet the only plausible explanation for all that's gone before. It's the kind of play which leaves you wanting, now you know what's happening, to watch the whole thing all over again. With a compelling script matched by selfless, near-flawless acting, One Elliot Park transcends the confines of its tiny venue. Don't miss this chance to learn just how good small-scale theatre can be.

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