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Allan Scott-Douglas and Andrew Hainey in 'King Arthur' 2010 by Lucy Nordberg

July 2009

King Arthur 5-30 August 2009 (not 9, 17, 24) at the New Town Theatre (venue 7), 96 George Street at 2.45 p.m.

‘King Arthur’ is a new work by Brighton-based writer Lucy Nordberg. After a successful rehearsed reading at the Bedlam Theatre for Fringe 2008, this full production will be performed at Universal Arts New Town Theatre before touring.

This script, written in the renaissance form, fuses classic writing with contemporary themes. This play has the advantages of the form that audiences love to see and actors are trained to perform, but in modern language.

King Arthur, an enlightened, charismatic leader, decides to ensure his ideals last forever by imposing democracy on a population who, for all his reforms, still believe in fate and tradition. Arthur’s son Mordred, brought up by his mother in a neighbouring country, is confused when he arrives at Court to find that he has to fit into an entirely different culture that is itself changing. And in a democracy, his power will be greatly reduced. Mordred falls under the influence of those who resent Arthur and have ambitions of their own. They use personal intrigue to undermine political plans. Arthur finds it difficult to recognise that the Court is turning against him. He is blinded by the belief that his own ‘rightness’ is enough to guarantee success.

The struggle culminates on the night the townspeople put on a traditional play, meant to show the values of Kingship that they hold dear. Their real King has always insisted that reason is preferable to blind faith. But how will he respond when his own faith is tested?

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