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'Standing Stanes' by Robert Ballantine. Pic credit: Gary Daniell Photography

'Standing Stanes' is a wry political comedy. It centres on a young man who, fired with entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to improve his community, endures a tireless journey as he comes face-to-face with the bureaucracy of larger-than-life, verging on cartoonesque officials. Set in the 1980s when it was originally penned, it has a charming retro appeal.

There are many similarities between the UK political and economic landscape at that time and today; recession, austerity, unemployment, a Tory (led) Government. The play also talks of the “Cold War” between the East and West and though that no longer exists, there is a potential battle looming in the UK between North and South as the country debates the issue of Scottish independence.

'Standing Stanes' was originally written in the 1980's and had a rehearsed reading at that time at Dundee Rep featuring Alan Cumming and Forbes Masson, but has never been staged.

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