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Edinburgh 247 - 2009: King Arthur

Date Published: 19 August 2009

King Arthur is a new work by Brighton-based writer Lucy Nordberg. The King faces a dilemma.

His regime is enlightened and he encourages innovation. But how can he make sure the country remains like this after his death? He decides to impose democracy and make himself, in effect, the last King.

His friends tell him that he is moving too fast. His enemies are not ready to hand over their power and use personal intrigue to undermine his plans.

The country is plunged into crisis. Can the King save his people? Do they want to be saved?

At 90 minutes this play is a little overlong for the Fringe and although Lucy is a clearly a talented writer, there were times I felt it was overwritten and unnecessarily complex for my brain to unravel!

However, the actors did a commendable job with what they had and never appeared to trip up on the vast number of words they had to learn!

Other than the middle section, where the actors all assumed different characters in a play within a play, which was a bit of a jolt, I felt they held the production together well.

The cast was strong and worked well together and the individual characters came through well. Also, the actors I know to have Scottish accents did a great job with the English ones they took on.

Helen Raw
Edinburgh 247

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