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Colin Little & Bill Addison in 'Suspicious Minds' by Caroline Dunford

Three Weeks **** - 2007: Pericles

Date Published: 12 August 2007

Rather than taking the bouncy castle route, Siege Perilous present a Shakespeare play that can be recommended on merit, not mere novelty. The modernised setting is thoughtfully done, with the change of market-scene to nightclub one of the more inspired features. The abrupt game-show section was a little odd, but it's the Fringe; these things happen. A last-minute move to Sweet ECA has thrown up a few lighting issues, but nothing that won't be sorted after the first performance. There were sparkling turns from all the cast, with each member successfully tackling at least two roles. And half way through, when you realise what exactly they've done with the Chorus... simply wonderful. An eventful life, that Pericles - and told so well.

Three Weeks

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