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Annals of Edinburgh Stage **** - 2012: Standing Stanes

Date Published: 4 May 2012

This is an extract from a review by Thom Dibdin of 'Annals of Edinburgh Stage'

Piling the improbable on top of the possible, Siege Perilous has created a delightfully retro eighties comedy for the inaugural play in its new home at Leith Malmaison.

Robert Ballantine’s Dundee-set Standing Stanes is the fantastical little tale of unemployed Craig Hunter who has a vision to build a new henge of standing stones at a remote beauty spot.

Pitted for and against him are the vested interests of the local community. And while his girlfriend Kim is finally persuaded of the idea – particularly when he announces that they will get married the opening ceremony on midsummer day – she is not alone in her admiration of his physique.

If this is light and frothy stuff, director Andy Corelli ensures that it is told with just the right combination of the mischievously mocking with the brow-furrowingly serious.

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Thom Dibdin
Annals of Edinburgh Stage

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