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Ian Sexon in 'King Arthur' 2010 by Lucy Nordberg

Three Weeks ***** - 2009: King Arthur

Date Published: 7 August 2009

Full of tragic betrayal, raw emotion and slick performances, this modern adaptation of the classical 'King Arthur' is my kind of play. Written in iambic pentameter and accompanied by Archangelo Corelli's baroque score, Siege Perilous relate a traditional tale to today's world events, such as the Iraq war, in a postmodern production that is as captivating as ever. It's not all serious, though: the comic scene where the actors assume different dialects and act out a typical Shakespearean play within a play wearing hoodies and baseball caps adds colour to the piece. Jim Byars' heart-wrenching performance as Arthur, the impressive sword fighting scenes and the symbolic staging make this show work. A traditional play re-invented with a topical twist.

Laura Webb
Three Weeks

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