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Ian Sexon & Nelly Morrison in 'King Arthur' 2010 by Lucy Nordberg

Edinburgh Evening News **** Spectacular modern take on a legend - 2009: King Arthur

Date Published: 10 August 2009

For those of you expecting an orthodox representation of the King Arthur legend, beware. This experimental piece from local company Siege Perilous, wonderfully sculpted by Lucy Nordberg, may well use the familiar names and tales associated with Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, however, Nordberg’s contemporary twist allows this engrossing play to examine political topics of the present day.

Here, steel armour is exchanged for swish cocktail suits, battle is fought with words instead of swords (though there is nifty fencing on display) and King Arthur struggles to ensure his ideals last on a population who believe in fate and tradition.

The acting is strong as an ox, and the ten-minute middle section – which punctuates the main narrative – is an inspired piece of writing. To explain it would be to spoil the surprise. This small sidestep does nothing to hamper the flow of what is a progressive and interesting take on a classic tale. Enjoy.

Barry Gordon
Edinburgh Evening News

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