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Ian Sexon & Ian Watts in 'King Arthur' 2010 by Lucy Nordberg

UK Theatre Network - 2009: King Arthur

Date Published: 13 September 2009

The Edinburgh based company Siege Perilous, well known for high quality adaptions of classical text as well as new writing, presents Lucy Nordberg's interpretation of King Arthur. The play is written in blank verse while using contemporary language, an intriguing combination.

King Arthus is an enlightened leader who decides to impose democracy on his people. Yet they will have to learn to rule themselves, and who will train them? Furthermore, a successor must be found as his marriage to Guinevere has remained childless. The Christian Arthur hopes to achieve peace with Morgan Le Fay who rules a Pagan border state by accepting his illegitimate son MOrdred as heir to the throne. Mordered is trained for the role of a draditional king but in a democracy he would only be a figurehead. The confused teenager falls under the influence of power hungry factions in court who want the cown for themselves.

In this fine production the actors are present on stage all the time. The stage design is minimalist with a circular chequered floor and only few props. There are outstanding performances throughout, especially Jim Byars as Arthur, Paul Crommie as his antagonist Kay, Anne Kane Howie as Morgan Le Fay, and Allan Scott-Douglas as the scheming Breunor.

Carolin Kopplin
UK Theatre Network

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