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Allan Scott-Douglas as John

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Alex Eades, 'The Skinny' ****

What we have here is a fascinatingly constructed psychological thriller with some electrifying performances! The play twists and turns at break neck speed to the very last, leaving the audience gripping onto the side of their chairs for dear life. The cast are all fantastic, though a special applause must go to Allan Scott-Douglas as the Elvis-mad John. There is music. There is laughter. There is tragedy. All wrapped up in 80 minutes.

Keith D, 'Edinburgh Spotlight' ***

Elvis leaving the building is really the only predictable thing you'll be exposed to in Suspicious Minds. ...innovative site-specific production...a complex and clever script by Edinburgh writer Caroline Dunford...Direction and staging is effective and is to the company and cast's credit that they turn this into a multi-layered and intriguing performance which grips from the outset and doesn't let go until the final 'thank you very much'.

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