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Adrienne Zitt as Cass and Ian Sexon as Ian Thompson

Keith D, 'Edinburgh Spotlight' ****

Ian Sexon is superb as the paparazzo, exuding just the right amount of sleaze and questionable morals without verging on caricature. Adam Tomkins has a similar commanding presence to Liam Brennan and shows his versatility with roles as diverse as a threatening gunman and an eccentric professor. Adrienne Zitt brings an effortless touch of female strength to her walk-on parts, helping to counter Thompson’s male bravado. Lewis Hart breathes life into the piece’s most intriguing character: a Welsh Muslim extremist. He injects Bilaal with an intelligence and vulnerability which transforms him into one of the play’s most sympathetic – and morally true – characters. As a snapshot of what Siege Perilous are capable of, it comes highly recommended.

Joyce McMillan, 'The Scotsman'***

Andy Corelli’s Siege Perilous company give the story hell, though, in a series of entertaining chase-scenes across London – amusingly illustrated by film of downtown Leith – and bruising encounters between Ian and his adversaries, played with terrific flair by Ian Sexon, Adam Tomkins, Lewis Hart and Adrienne Zitt

Gareth Ireland, 'The Public Reviews' ***

The strength of the acting in this production makes the film a pleasant extra to the storytelling. All the actors in this piece really show the magic of theatre – creating different characters using their voice and physicality in the space of a few moments; even props are thrown and delivered to each other with flair.

Richard Stamp, 'Fringe Guru' ***

A well-balanced cast fed ably off the ever-present Sexon – and peripheral characters, however brief their appearance, were fully and credibly drawn.

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